Apollo Network Systems

Markets We Serve

Experience based relationships in many sectors

Apollo is proud of the first-hand experience and client relationships we have built in many market sectors.

Our customers have come to rely on us for their near-term requirements and for their long-term planning.


Leading healthcare organizations count on Apollo to provide structured cable and wireless solutions in their facilities for a growing array of diagnostic and test equipment that require network or Internet access for real time remote processing and analysis; for patient monitoring; and of course for electronic medical records (EMR).  Apollo has a range of technologies and solutions to ensure your network is secure; your access is controlled and logged; and your assets are accounted for and maintained to meet HIPAA compliance.

Apollo has designed and implemented solutions for entire healthcare buildings/facilities including data centers and vertical and horizontal infrastructure; and it has upgraded and replaced the infrastructure of individual/specialty practices to address unique requirements that exceed general facility capabilities.

We have designed and installed hospital audio visual solutions that improved teaching and training environments; reception and waiting areas; and patient rooms and services.


Colleges, universities and public and private schools K-12 rely on Apollo for structured cable and wireless coverage and for security and audio visual solutions.  State of-the-art bandwidth, secure integrated networks, and high availability wireless are priority requirements for our education customers.

Schools often require advanced audio visual solutions, and have partnered with Apollo to design and implement lecture hall and meeting room designs with audio and LED lighting systems; sound-masking for study- and quite areas; smart boards for classrooms and digital signage for common areas.

Apollo has collaborated with schools, large and small, on access control- and video surveillance solutions for buildings and campus environments.

Commercial / Office Buildings

Apollo works with many developers, construction companies and contractors on structured cable and wireless solutions that provide core infrastructure for single tenant and and multi-tenant facilities.  Installations range from owner driven requirements and design criteria to establish base infrastructure for a facility to bring service provider services such as cable TV, Internet access and cellular to tenant suites, apartments and condos; to tenant and IT department driven requirements to establish cable and wireless solutions that are tailored and often integrate with a tenant's broader corporate or enterprise network, applications, and management systems.

Audio visual solutions from Apollo are employed in office buildings for lobbies, common areas, meeting rooms, conference facilities, and fitness facilities; and they are employed in many tenant specific suites for highly customized lobbies, sitting areas, customer reception/demonstration areas, etc.

Apollo's security solutions are often employed for facility access control and video surveillance; and Apollo has designed and installed many tenant specific security solutions that are tailored and limited to a tenant's suite and/or broader enterprise systems.

In-building WIFI and cellular coverage are important design criteria in today's always-connected and Internet of Things environment.  Absence of good coverage and access can be a competitive disadvantage for a commercial property.  Apollo is engaged by landlords, facility managers and IT departments to design high bandwidth, high availability wireless access in all forms of facilities and office environments.

Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

Apollo has partnered with leaders in pharmaceuticals and life sciences to provide structured cabling, wireless and facility security solutions tailored to the unique requirements of research and development environments.

Solutions that reflect structured cabling and wireless designs that accommodate universal access and provide highly secure wireless coverage for a broad assortment of computing and measurement devices.  Cabling and wireless infrastructure designs and management systems that facilitate rapid response to requests for "moves, adds, changes and deletes," and improve time to market and keep development costs to a minimum.

Also a priority for pharmaceuticals and life science companies, Apollo has designed and implemented access-control solutions for buildings, sections of buildings and for individual labs that are integrated with enterprise identity systems and  employ card- and bio-metrics based authentication

Manufacturing & Industrial

Apollo has designed and upgraded many wired and wireless solutions for manufacturing and industrial environments, establishing vertical systems in a variety of old and new facilities and horizontal distribution systems and access drops in manufacturing environments that have unique requirements to accommodate.

Reliability of the network access is usually a top priority and several designs and implementations have included other unique requirements to overcome, including movement, vibration, temperature, and moisture.  Increasingly, manufacturing/process equipment require wireless based network access driving high bandwidth, commercial grade wireless systems that are reliable and secure and integrated into broader enterprise solutions.

Banking & Financial Services

Apollo has collaborated with banks and financial institutions to provide general enterprise LAN/WAN components, data center infrastructure and dedicated-, highly secure network components for ATM, wire transfer and credit/debit card applications that are compliant with federal and state regulatory requirements and PCI-DSS standards.

Given the priority of many banks to roll-out new local branches, Apollo has designed and installed structured cabling and wireless solutions for new bank branches, employing dedicated network elements for ATM, and network solutions for remote access and back-up.

Apollo has also designed state-of-the-art digital signage, video surveillance and access-control solutions for new bank branches.


Apollo supports many retail clients with the cabling and wireless infrastructure needed to support their point-of-sale (POS) solutions and PCI-DSS compliance.  We also support and design audio visual solutions for our retail customers including in-store audio, sound-masking systems, low voltage LED lighting, and digital signage.

Many retail stores today have implemented wireless solutions that support their sales representatives with mobile point of sale devices and in some cases provide WIFI access for customers.

IP based video surveillance systems, access control, and inventory protection are common security solutions for our retail customers.